my main inspiration came from the very famous poem

written by the french poet, arthur rimbaud.

it’s called « le dormeur du val »

and every french kid has learnt it and usually everybody appreciates it and says it’s a nice piece of poetry.

it is a nice poem indeed but in fact, it talks about a dreadful reality because the young peaceful man, sleeping on the grass, is actually dead !


when i show my three gas masks, i offer to people different visions.

there is an esthetical combination with the flowers

growing into and around the masks, making it slightly disappear

and letting people forget about the reality

of the use of these military devices.

you can note that there is also a « natural » part in my work

because of the flowers that represent life going on in general,
whatever happens to men…and even if the flowers are toxic. 


i leave clues to the viewer to trace my actions and my whereabouts…

love at first fight

to me, love and hate

are about the same

when it comes to feelings.

wars often start because people love their country, their religion, etc…

and it creates hate

against anybody

who doesn’t love the same things.

there is a single flower

because i believe that
the biggest fights usually start
from an average problem.

pride and prejudice

these very special feelings

rule part of humanity,

even if we would prefer them

to be more discreet…

flowers are growing from within and begin to surround the mask, like wild brambles.


gone with the time

the brambles have almost completely appropriated the mask but haven’t altered it.

time has passed but beware :

if we forget the past

and our failures,

fire can start again.

look in the flowers’ hearts

and you’ll discover

that they are bullet shells.

©Copyright Cécile Bredeaux